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Best Syrian hamster cage

Syrian hamsters are always active pets than dwarf hamsters. They are also quite territorial; placing more than one animal in one cage can be risky. Use this report on the best Syrian hamster cage to get suitable housing for your pet. It would help if you had a strong hamster cage with the necessary features to make your hamsters feel at home. 

Remember, these Syrian hamsters are very nocturnal; this means that they are in love with exercise. They tend to be active at night than during the day. They get fully matured at around 8 to 12 months, and their lifespan ranges from 1-2 years. 

Top 10 best Syrian hamster cage

Unfortunately, there are many brands with different hamster cages in the market that can confuse you. Some of them are big enough, while others are medium sizes. For that case, this article samples the top ten best Syrian hamster cages for you. Go through these reviews to make a lifetime decision.

The article will also equip you with a comprehensive buying guide to take you through the decision making process. Sometimes this may still not be enough, don’t worry because the report has frequently asked you questions. Now let us dig deeper to our today’s discussion.

  1. Kaytee Critterhome Habitats for small animals

The first Syrian Hamster cage is the Kayee Critterhome Habitats that comes with a critter trail design. It is also spacious enough to comfort your active hamster. Besides, this pet housing comes with a transparent color for visibility and easy light penetration. This cage also comes with useful accessories like a Kaytee food rebate, food dish, and a water bottle. 

Kaytee Critterhome Habitats has a see-through bottom base to hold cozy and clean bedding. Furthermore, accessing your hamster is comfortable with the aid of the dual doors. 

One of the doors features a massive wire door on the rooftop, while the other has a safe Z-lock latch. Safety ramp, comfort shelf, and bedding rebate features will ensure that your pets are safe 24/7.

Cleaning this hamster cage is also easy; you only need to pinch together bunny-ear latches. Apart from hamsters, this cage is also suitable for guinea pigs, dwarf rabbits, and other small pets. Lastly, assembling this hamster cage is easy because you need no tools.


  • It has a z-lock latches-top door.
  • It is transparent 
  • It features a see-through base for holding pet’s bedding
  • The doors have massive wire


  • Assembling is easy
  • Cleaning the cage is easy and quick
  • Accessing your pets is comfortable with the aid of the top and front doors
  • You can easily spot your pets in the cage


  • Some consumers complain that housing comes with fewer accessories.
  1. Ware Clean Living Cages for Small Animals

Here is another hamster cage that you can get for your little friends. It can be a perfect housing for your hamsters, offering them with changing environment. The cell features an easy-to-assemble design but providing you with the durability to may need. Besides, the housing contains coated wire that is chew-proof to keep your pets from consuming the house.

The two-level clean living cage also has clear side guards to reduce your hamster’s mess. Longevity is guaranteed with this pet housing, and you don’t need to worry. The package also features a wide front door to allow you to access the animals quickly. Cleaning the pet’s droppings is also easy and quick with the aid of the pull-out tray.

If you are looking for a perfect hamster cage, consider this option as the best housing to provide your little friends with a cozy living environment.


  • Its dimensions are 19″ D x 35.5″ W x 27.5″ H
  • It has a pull-out tray 
  • Features a clear side guards
  • Comes with a massive front door
  • The cage is powder-coated to prevent animals from chewing 


  • It is durable
  • Cleaning is easy
  • Accessing your animals is easy
  • The mess is minimized through clear side guards


  • You will have to buy other necessary accessories for your pets
  1. Ferplast Duna Fun Hamster Cage – Multi-Tier Hamster Cage

Ferplast is a top-rated company with high-quality products, and here is one of their most good cages for small animals. This housing can offer the necessary interaction that your pets may need. 

The primary mission of coming up with this cage is to enhance interaction between adult hamsters and the young ones. This cage features a clear playing/living area and clear playing tube. 

It comes with a dimension of 18.5W x 21.65L x 14.76H inches. This is a suitable size for any small hamster. Unlike lo-class hamster cages, the Ferplast Duna Fun cage provides your pets with multiple accessories. 

Some of these accessories include; a plastic 5.5-inch exercise wheel, a plastic food dish and water bottle, a play tube, and a hamster hide-out.

This means that your pets will involve in enough exercise to make them fit. The cage will allow your hamsters love to climb and explore the multi-level platforms. Remember, these animals are in love with climbing and jumping over the mountains. Cleaning the Ferplast Duna Fun Hamster Cage is a breeze with the aid of the wide top door. 

The top door is also convenient to help you quickly reach your pets. The lower parts of this housing are also detachable for easy routine cleaning. Above all, it comes with a 1-year warranty from the manufacturer.


  • Detachable lower parts for easy routine cleaning
  • Comes with multiple accessories
  • Features massive top door
  • Exercise tiers


  • Easy to maintain
  • Easy to clean
  • High-quality
  • Accessing your pet is easy
  • 1-year warranty from the manufacturer


  • The single full door is not enough to access you hamsters
  1. Savic Geneva Modern Hamster Cage Grey

Maybe you are looking for a hamster cage that comes with a modern design. This model features a unique design to fit in any home setting. Savic Geneva Modern Hamster Cage will provide your pets with everything they might need. It has high-quality Savic accessories such as a feeding bowl, water bottle, a ladder, and an exercise wheel. 

Furthermore, this hamster cage comes with a see-through lower tank for visibility. You will be able to watch your little friends moving around their house smoothly. This feature will also give the animals a natural environment they might need. Cleaning the tank is also a breeze because it sides out and in of the frame.

More so, the cage features a more than enough play area. This allows your pets to burrow, climb, and hide to the content of their heart. Besides, installing and cleaning the Savic Geneva Modern Hamster Cage is hassle-free. 

Accessing your hamsters with this cage is like walking in the park with the help of a wide top door.

You will be able to reach your animals conveniently. The ladder is also foldable, as you can fold it.


  • See-through plastic tank
  • 2-story hamster home
  • Comes with modern design
  • Unique concept
  • Foldable ladder
  • More than enough play area


  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to install
  • Equipped with necessary accessories
  • See-through tank enhance perfect visibility


  • Not the best in the market
  1. Prevue Pet Products 528 Universal Small Animal Home, Dark Gray

I hope you understand that Syrian Hamsters are one of the more prominent species. So there is a need to get a larger cage for them. Prevue Pet Products 528 Universal Small Animal Home becomes a suitable option. I say so because the cell contains an extra-deep base featuring many rooms.

These rooms are essential for bedding. Besides, the top of this cage is wire meshed, offering excellent ventilation. Furthermore, you will like the design of the housing as it has two doors. One is located at the top while the other on the cage’s side

These doors are large enough for easy to use. This means that you will be able to access your hamsters comfortably. Like other high-class Syrian Hamster cages, cleaning Prevue Pet Products 528 Universal Small Animal Home is straightforward. Moreover, the second and ramp level optimizes the utilization of space.


  • Great ventilation
  • It has an easy to clean design
  • Features plastic and partially wire mesh
  • Its size is suitable for any small home animals


  • It is a heavy-duty
  • Can accommodate more than one hamster
  • Easy to maintain
  • Easy to assemble
  • Safety and security of your pets is guaranteed


  • Might lack order
  • The main door only has one safety clip
  1. Hamster & Small Animal Home/Cage

Rosewood is another prominent company that is famous for high-quality pet products. As a pet owner, you always wish to have better and bigger homes for your little friends. Hamster & Small Animal Home comes with various accessories to provide a natural environment for your hamsters. I hope you know that Syrian hamsters need spacious housing for thorough exercise.

The cage contains various ladders to provide your animal with enough climbing and jumping exercises. Other accessories that you will benefit from this package include; a water bottle, food bowl, and some hide-outs. 

More so, its design is a bit taller, making it suitable for Syrian Hamsters. The housing is also equipped with levels of creating a packaged and more exciting home. 

Our experts are always busy to ensure that you get the best from the company. We go as per your preferences and advancing technology. 


  • Contains multiple ladders
  • Features a lot of levels
  • Its height is suitable for Syrian Hamsters
  • Stable base
  • Large top door 


  • Easy to clean
  • Assembling and disassembling is easy
  • Multiple accessories enhance your hamster’s daily exercise
  • The sides are transparent for visibility


  • Maneuverability may be a problem
  1. Prevue Pet Products Three-story Hamster & Gerbil Cage

The seventh option is another Prevue package with three stories. Prevue Pet Products Three-story Hamster & Gerbil cage is spacious enough for Syrian Hamsters. 

It features essential components like platforms and ladders, to allow your pets to hide and play comfortably. They need a lot of exercises because they are great climbers and jumpers.

More so, the housing provides satisfying instincts to your hamster; they need to be above the ground. Still, on the exercise, the cage features an exercise wheel. This will ensure that your hamster is entertained, maintaining required activity levels. With this hamster cage, you can also benefit from owner-friendly features like the top-opening door.

The top-opening door allows you to access the entire three-story cage easily. Besides, the housing contains a detachable bottom grille to enhance easy cleaning. You will be able to conveniently empty the cage and clean the internal components. Still, on the cleaning, the model features a pull-out tray for such reasons.


  • Pull-out tray for easy cleaning
  • Removable grille
  • Top-opening door for easy accessibility
  • An exercise wheel for daily exercise 


  • Cleaning is convenience
  • Accessing the pets is easy 
  • Offers multiple accessories for hiding, exercise
  • Easy to maintain


  • Fewer accessories 
  1. Go2buy 37-inch Metal Rat Ferret Cage – 4 Level Small Animals Hutch

I think this is the sturdiest hamster housing that you can bag home for your little friends. Go2buy 37-inch Metal Rat Ferret Cage features a high-quality steel wire-four-level structure. 

The steel wires are coated with anti-rust powder for its longevity. More so, the cage comes with a user-friendly design containing enough space to allow your hamsters to have fun. 

It comes with essential components like ramps, shelves, easy-to-clean pull-out trays, plastic food boxes, and water bottles. All these features ensure that your pet enjoys living in the new home. 

The ramps and floor grid provides comfort to your hamster by keeping its paws safe. Its friendly design also avoids gaps and pinching to get stuck or caught in.

Furthermore, accessing your pets is comfortable with this housing due to its two large front-top and bottom openings. The Sugar Glider cage also comes with four universal wheels for easy transport and movement. The squirrel cage is also foldable to minimize space consumption.


  • Comes with a 2-door design 
  • Four wheels for maneuverability
  • Foldable squirrel cage
  • Multiple accessories
  • Have slide-out trays


  • Easy to clean
  • It is user friendly
  • It is durable
  • Convenient moving
  • Free accessory


  • Some consumers complain about noisy wheels
  1. Ware manufacturing Chew Proof 3 Level Critter Cage

Ware manufacturing Chew Proof 3 Level Critter Cage is another suitable housing that I can recommend for your hamster. It is long-lasting yet safe for your pet. This means that it will keep your little friends safe 24/7. It is chew proof as a result of powder-coated wire; this also enhances its longevity. 

Assembling and disassembling this model is also easy as you don’t need any tools. It comes with a metallic design with an all-drop metal pan, which prevents chewing. 

Besides, the all-drop pan makes the cleaning process simple. These features extend the lifespan of the housing because these pets tend to consume the cage’s components. 

The Ware Manufacturing Chew Proof 3 Level Critter Cage also comes with useful features like shelves and ramps. Such components are essential to ensure that your pets get enough space for roaming. The housing is well ventilated to enhance fresh air circulation. 


  • Features chew-proof powder-coated wires
  • Comes with the all-drop metal pan
  • Have shelves and ramps
  • Fresh-air design


  • Assembling the cage is easy
  • Fresh air circulation
  • Chewing is prevented
  • Spacious enough to enable your pets to roam easily
  • Cleaning is easy


  • Some pet owners complain about is weight
  1.  Habitrail Small Animal Cage – for Hamsters and Gerbils

Your list will be incomplete without this premium hamster cage. This model comes with incredible features, making it a suitable home for your hamsters. It also features multiple cool design technologies that will excite you and your little friend. This housing consists of clear plastic and wireframing, allowing you to watch your pets from any angle. 

The top door widely opens, making it easier to access your hamster. Its sliding lock is also easy-to-use to prevent unnecessary escapes. A half of its bottom features a slightly-shaded plastic base to avoid drafts and have a clear view. The interior parts of the cage feature rounded corners to enhance easy cleaning and prevent gnawing.

The feeding area of this model is also elevated, embracing the natural environment for the hamster. There is no need for food bowls due to the elevated feeding place. 

The package also comes with food bowls, a water bottle, and a quiet exercise wheel. All these features are also space-saving. So, the cage will provide your hamsters with the exact natural environment they may need.


  • Features patented lock connectors 
  • It has hide-outs
  • Its ventilation is great
  • Comes with an easy-to-clean design


  • Easily connects to other essential hamster components like tunnels
  • Cleaning is straightforward
  • It’s air circulation is excellent
  • It is durable
  • Comfortable
  • Safe


  • Might be small to Syrian Hamsters
  • Too many accessories consume a lot of space

Best Syrian Hamster cage-Buying guide

Since Syrian Hamsters are quite different from the rest, they can grow big. For that case, you should try to be specific on the features you expect in their housing. Just like purchasing anything, getting the best Syrian hamster cage might be challenging. 

Yes, it is possible, and this happens mostly when your level of understanding is shoddy.

Consider the following factors before making a final decision.

  • Accessories

These are essential components that might be in the cage. A cage should have such accessories to make your pets enjoy the environment. Remember, your hamsters will live in this cage for some years, so you should ensure that the cell has the necessary component. 

Some of the elements that you should expect in the housing are the ramps, shelves, levels, water bottles, food bowls, and many others.

Wheels are another essential accessory that a cage should have. This will enhance the easy transport and movement. Apart from universal wheels, the check is the hamster cage you plan to buy has exercise wheels.

  • Safety/security

This is a significant factor that should never get out of your mind. The safety of your Syrian Hamsters is everything. Since Syrian hamsters grow big, their feet are always small; you should pay much attention to a cage’s floor. 

The feet of these animals tend to be stuck on mesh wire. Avoid such cells; the floor should feature different material from the sides.

I would recommend a plastic floor tray. More so, check the space between; your hamster may bite and escape through it. The bars should not be more than half an inch apart.

  • Ease of cleaning

The cage you want to buy is for your hamsters, but bear in mind that you will be the one cleaning it. Yes, so you should be careful about the model you bag home. The best Syrian Hamster cage should enable you to carry cleanliness comfortably. Go for a cell with an easy-to-clean design like all-drop metal pans and pull-out trays. 

Besides, the best model should have a plastic floor and wire meshed sides. This will enable you to wash them down quickly.

  • Ventilation

Air-conditioning is another major factor that you should consider when buying housing for your hamster. A cage with an improper ventilation system will make your pets uncomfortable. Remember, the lungs of these animals are not significant; they need conducive air circulation. Make sure the bars have enough space for free air circulation in the cage.

  • Size

Size is also matters when it comes to getting the best housing for your hamster. Syrian hamsters grow more significant than normal ones. Choose the model with the right height to enhance the maneuverability of your hamsters. The cage should be spacious since these animals are active.

Frequently asked questions

  1. Why do I need the best Syrian hamster cage for my pet?

Hamsters enjoy the natural environment. Giving them the best will always make them happy and active.

  1. Do these hamster cages come with accessories?

Yes, but not all of them. Some even don’t come with one; some have few, while others come with multiple components.

  1. Can I get an easy to assemble Syrian Hamster cage?

Yes, there are many options in the market that you bag home. 

  1. Where can I get the best Syrian Hamster cage for my little friend?

Amazon is the best seller


To wrap up, hamsters are very active pets and are great for both adults and kids. Like other home small animals, there is a need to buy the best Syrian hamster cage for your little friends. This report should equip you with a complete guide to get suitable housing for your pet. When purchasing a home for your hamster(s), it is advisable to understand that Syrian Hamsters are energetic. 

This means that you should consider what to put in the cage and what not to. Ensure that the accessories don’t consume the entire space in the enclosure.

Meta: Sometimes, finding the best Syrian hamster cage may be quite hectic. You can worry nomore since we have come up with our well-researched top picks to help you choose your best.