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Interesting Facts

<h1>Interesting Facts About Hamsters</h1>
<p> Hamsters are small, short-<strong>lived mammal species found</strong> in <strong>several different countries</strong>. They are usually around the size of a mouse, with an average lifespan of about one year.</p>
<p>Hamsters are known for their long front legs and thick bottom legs. Their back legs are slender and shorter than the top ones, giving them a cute look.</p>
<p>These <strong>small animals typically live</strong> in suburban or urban settings, as they do not thrive in the wilderness. Since they do not hibernate, it is not a long winter wonderland you get to come back to every year!</p>
<p>Their diet consists of plants and insects, with most Facilities eating worms or small mice. Hamsters will <em>occasionally eat seeds</em> if there is an adequate supply, but generally they only take what they need into account during feeding times.</p><h2>Hamsters can get cancer</h2>
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<p> There are <strong>several ways hamsters</strong> can get cancer. The most common is by eating something that is not safe for them. Basing a diet on wild or pet-<em>confined hamsters</em> is a <strong>high risk strategy</strong>.</p>
<p>Another way to get cancer is when you do not wash your hamster enough. By being able to be cleaned thoroughly, the virus and bacteria can spread throughout its body.</p>
<p>Finally, if a young hamster has not been handled properly, then it may have overdone its schedule. Since it was not able to handle heatstroke, it may have died from overheating.</p>
<p>Wild-caught hamsters are usually under <em>six inches long</em>, which makes them vulnerable to injuries.</p><h2>They are close relatives of mice</h2>
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<p> The hamster is a small, <strong>round animal</strong> about the length of a US dollar bill. It is nicknamed the hamster because of its short, chubby body.</p>
<p>He or she can be green, brown, cream or white. The cream and white hamsters are known for their patterned coat which is either black and white or solid brown.</p>
<p>The green and black hamster is a designer hamster as he will have an interesting coat to look forward to. They are named after the German word forota which means stick or thread.</p>
<p>These <strong>little creatures get</strong> their nameota from when they were put on gavits to prevent them jumping into cars as they were being fitted with tyres.</p><h2>They eat plant material</h2>
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<p> They <em>eat plant material</em> is surprising! This is one of the reasons why you should keep your hamster. They can <strong>also eat meaty things like vegetables</strong> and even things that look like that.</p>
<p>The plants they feed on are called vegetables, and these include vegetables and fruits. We know as humans that vegetables are good for you, so it is not too surprising for a hamster to enjoy them as well.</p>
<p>However, hamsters can be expensive to keep, so it is better to know how to make your <strong>hamster less expensively</strong>. You do this by <strong>providing fewer foods</strong> or by changing how you provide the food.</p><h2>They keep their babies in pouches</h2>
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<p> Hamsters are very delicate animals. They can barely hold their babies for <strong>long enough</strong> to protect and nurture them. This is why they keep their babies in a pouch until they are about a <em>couple weeks old</em>.</p>
<p>This is how they protect their young from <strong>predators like cats</strong>. When the young kitten is able to fend for itself, it packs up its pouch and leaves with its mom.</p>
<p>At this point, it is uncertain if the hamster will <strong>ever reproduce</strong> or if its baby was just eaten. Prevent this from happening by keeping your hamster alone at an appropriate size.</p><h2>There are over 30 species of hamster</h2>
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<p> They are large, brown, and have <strong>small round ears</strong>. Most get a <strong>haircut every two</strong> to three months to keep it looking fresh.</p>
<p>They are nicknamed the tinkerbell hamster because of its long, thin legs. These hamsters can spend a lot of time playing with themselves, as they have fun with rolling over, rollerskting, and rollersitting.</p>
<p>These <em>hamsters usually live around six</em> to eight months before they get a new home and <strong>stressful situations occur</strong>. They are active animals that like to move so make sure you have a good amount of space to run around in.</p>
<p>The wheeler is the rarest of the hamster species and only comes in one type: white.</p><h2>The Eurasian hamster is the biggest species and can grow up to 6 inches long</h2>
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<p> The European hamster is the most common hamster in the United Arab Emirates. They are also known as the Persian hamster due to their Persian style coat.</p>
<p>They were originally bred in Europe to control rats and other small rodents in garbage cans and outdoorapanes.</p>
<p>They are a year-round pet, as they do not <em>live long beyond two years</em>. This is a good thing because you will spend more time looking after it than buying another one!</p>
<p>Their life expectancy is about six months for a female and one year for a male. This is due to high mortality from infectious diseases such as worm infestation or cardiomyopathy, which <strong>causes chronic heart failure</strong>.</p>
<p>If you would like to keep this hamster in good health, be sure to check it regularly for signs of disease or injury.</p><h2>They have narrow skulls with large jaw muscles</h2>
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<p> This makes it possible for the hamster to gulp down its food. Due to this, hamsters can be quite powerful. A single hamster can eat up to <strong>six large meals per day</strong>!</p>
<p>Another interesting fact is that these small animals are capable of walking. This is a capability they have while holding theirlegs. They can do this for about a minute before getting tired.</p>
<p>To hold their legs up, they need to use their teeth. When trying to get the <strong>job done without</strong> any help from gravity, it can be a little tricky. Luckily, there are plenty of aids out there!</p>
<p>Hamsters are popular pets due to how friendly they are. They are easy to care for and <strong>make nice social creatures</strong> that get into all kinds of routines.</p><h2>Their teeth never stop growing</h2>
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<p> As soon as a <em>hamster reaches adult size</em>, its teeth begin growing at an accelerated rate. This is normal and expected.</p>
<p> hamsters don’t have typical human-sized teeth until about one year of age, when they begin to grow. At that time, they can remove the bone from it, making it a smooth surface for further growth!</p>
<p> Most <em>hamsters get two sets</em> of dentures every year, one for winter and one for summer. The summer set is replaced before the next winter goes by with them getting coal-<strong>hard replacements every day</strong>!</p>
<p> Because hamsters are such large creatures, most homes have at <em>least one spare hutch</em> just in case the owner needs to get rid of an overlarge pet. If you are looking to get rid of your pet, be sure to look into adopting a smaller or less active species.</p>