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How Much are Hamster at Petco

How Much are Hamster at Petco

There’s a wide variety of small pets available at Petco, including hamsters. Hamsters are a popular choice for first-time pet owners or those looking for a low-maintenance companion. Prices for hamsters at Petco start at around $20, but can vary depending on the type of hamster and whether or not you’re buying from a breeder.

Syrian hamsters, for example, typically cost more than Dwarf hamsters. You’ll also need to factor in the cost of housing, bedding, food, and other supplies when budgeting for your new pet.

Getting 3 Hamsters! Shopping at Petco and PetSmart for Hamster Gear!

If you’re looking for a new furry friend, you may be wondering how much hamsters cost at Petco. The answer varies depending on the type of hamster you’re looking for, but generally speaking, prices start around $10 and can go up to $30 or more. There are several factors that affect the price of a hamster, including the type of breed and whether or not it’s been spayed or neutered.

For example, Syrian hamsters tend to be on the higher end of the pricing spectrum since they’re one of the most popular breeds. On the other hand, Chinese dwarf hamsters are typically less expensive since they’re not as in-demand. Spaying or neutering your new furry friend will also add to the overall cost, but it’s an important procedure that helps keep your pet healthy and happy.

Overall, adding a hamster to your family is a relatively affordable endeavor, and there are plenty of ways to save even more money down the line by doing things like buying in bulk on food and bedding.

How Much is a Syrian Hamster at Petco

When you’re looking for a small, friendly and low-maintenance pet, hamsters are hard to beat. They’re also relatively inexpensive, which is good news for budget-minded pet parents. So how much does a Syrian hamster cost at Petco?

As of this writing, Petco charges $9.99 for a baby Syrian hamster. That price includes the animal itself as well as a small bag of food and some bedding material. If you opt for an adult Syrian hamster, the price jumps to $14.99.

Of course, these are just the initial purchase prices. You’ll also need to factor in the cost of ongoing care, which includes things like food, bedding and toys. Fortunately,Syrian hamsters are relatively easy to care for and don’t require a lot of expensive gear.

A good quality cage (with plenty of room for your hamster to roam), some basic food and bedding, and a few simple toys should do the trick. All told, you can expect to spend around $100 or so on everything your new Syrian hamster will need during its lifetime. Not bad when you consider that many pets can easily cost several times that amount!

How Much is a Hamster at Petsmart

If you’re looking to add a furry little friend to your family, you may be wondering how much hamsters cost at Petsmart. The answer may surprise you- hamsters can range in price from $5-$25 depending on the type of hamster and whether or not you’re getting additional supplies like a cage or bedding. The most common type of hamster kept as a pet is the Syrian hamster, also known as the golden or teddy bear hamster.

These cute critters typically fall on the lower end of the price range at around $10-$15. If you want something a little different, you could go for a fancy Russian dwarf hamster, which tend to be pricier at $20-$25. In addition to the cost of the actual animal, you’ll also need to factor in things like cages, bedding, food, and toys.

A basic starter kit with all these things can run anywhere from $50-$100. So when considering how much a new pet will cost, don’t forget to factor in these one-time expenses as well!

How Much Do Hamsters Cost

Hamsters are one of the most popular pets in the world. They are small, cute, and relatively low-maintenance. But how much do they cost?

The initial cost of a hamster may not be very high, but there are ongoing costs that you need to consider. For example, you will need to purchase a cage, bedding, food, and toys for your hamster. You will also need to take them to the vet for regular checkups and vaccinations.

So, how much does a hamster really cost? The answer depends on a number of factors, but you can expect to spend around $100-$200 per year on your furry friend.

How Much are Dwarf Hamsters at Petco

If you’re looking for a small, cute, and low-maintenance pet, a dwarf hamster may be the perfect choice for you. And at Petco, you can find these little rodents for purchase starting at just $5.99. Dwarf hamsters are typically between two and four inches long, making them smaller than most other types of hamsters.

They come in a variety of colors including white, brown, black, and grey. And they have very short lifespans of only one to three years. Despite their small size and short lifespan, dwarf hamsters can make great pets.

They are relatively easy to care for and don’t require as much space as other animals like dogs or cats. Plus, they’re very active so they’ll keep you entertained with their playful antics.

Hamsters for Sale

When looking for a new furry friend, many people consider hamsters! They are small, easily cared for, and make great pets for children and adults alike. Here is everything you need to know about finding hamsters for sale:

There are many different types of hamsters available, including Syrians, Dwarf Campbells, Winter Whites, and Chinese. Syrians are the most common type found in pet stores. Hamsters can be purchased from pet stores, breeders, or shelters.

It is important to do your research before purchasing a hamster to ensure you are getting a healthy animal from a reputable source. The average lifespan of a hamster is 2-3 years, but some may live up to 5 years with proper care. Basic supplies needed for caring for a hamster include: cage/tank with wire mesh top (at least 10 gallons), bedding (avoid cedar or pine shavings as they can be harmful), water bottle, food dish, chew toys (to help keep their teeth healthy), and exercise wheel.

How Much are Guinea Pigs at Petco

Guinea pigs are one of the most popular small pets at Petco, and for good reason! They’re social creatures that enjoy being around people and other animals, and they’re relatively low-maintenance compared to other pets. But how much do guinea pigs cost at Petco?

The answer depends on a few factors, including the age and size of the guinea pig, as well as whether or not you’re adopting from Petco or buying from a breeder. Adopting guinea pigs from Petco typically costs between $20 and $50, while buying them from a breeder can range anywhere from $40 to $200+. Of course, the initial purchase price is just the start when it comes to owning a guinea pig.

You’ll also need to factor in the cost of food, hay, bedding, toys, and veterinary care. A good rule of thumb is to budget at least $100 per month for all of your guinea pig’s needs. So if you’re thinking about adding a furry friend to your family, be sure to stop by your local Petco!

We can help you find the perfect guinea pig for your home – and provide everything you need to keep him or her healthy and happy.

Petco Hamster Adoption

Petco is teaming up with the Humane Society to help place homeless hamsters in forever homes! From now until December 31st, Petco will be waving the adoption fee for all hamsters adopted from participating shelters. All you have to do is pay a small $10 refundable deposit to ensure that the adopter is committed to providing their new furry friend with a good home.

As anyone who has ever owned a hamster knows, they make great pets! They are low-maintenance, can be left alone for short periods of time, and are relatively quiet. Plus, they’re just so darn cute!

If you’ve been thinking about adding a furry friend to your family, now is the perfect time to adopt a hamster from your local shelter.

Petco Animals for Sale

Looking for a new furry friend? Petco has a wide variety of animals for sale, from dogs and cats to reptiles and small mammals. With so many options to choose from, it’s easy to find the perfect pet for your home.

Dogs are one of the most popular pets at Petco, and there’s no shortage of breeds to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a big or small dog, we’ve got plenty of options available. We also have a variety of adoptable dogs if you’re interested in giving a homeless pet a forever home.

Cats are another popular choice at Petco, and we have both kittens and adult cats available for adoption. If you’re looking for a specific breed of cat, we may be able to help you find what you’re looking for. We also offer adoptions through our partnering shelters, so you can be sure you’re getting a healthy and well-cared-for pet.

Reptiles make great pets for those who are looking for something unique, and Petco has a wide selection to choose from. Whether you want a snake, lizard, turtle or amphibian, we can help you find the perfect reptile companion. All of our reptiles come with health guarantees so you can be confident in your new pet’s health and wellbeing.

Small mammals like rabbits, guinea pigs and hamsters are also popular choices at Petco. These cute little critters make great companions and are relatively low-maintenance pets. We have everything you need to get started with caring for your new small mammal friend, including cages, food and bedding.

How Much are Hamster at Petco


How Much Do Hamster Cost?

Assuming you would like information on the cost of purchasing a hamster: Hamsters can range in price from $5 to $25, with an average cost around $10-$15. Some factors that can affect the price include the type of hamster, where it is purchased, and whether or not it comes with any accessories.

For example, Syrian hamsters tend to be more expensive than Dwarf hamsters. They are also generally larger, so require a bigger cage which can add to the overall cost. Where the hamster is purchased can also play a role in price.

Pet stores will typically charge more than breeders or shelters, but offer a wider selection of types and colors. Accessories such as bedding, food, water bottles, and toys will need to be bought separately and can add up quickly. In short, there is no one answer to how much a hamster costs.

It really depends on what kind of setup you are looking for and how much you are willing to spend.

Are Hamsters Cheap?

Are hamsters cheap? This is a difficult question to answer as it depends on a number of factors. For example, the type of hamster you buy (e.g. Syrian or Dwarf), where you purchase your pet from (e.g. pet store, breeder, rescue center) and whether or not you need to buy additional supplies (e.g. cage, bedding, food).

Overall, however, hamsters are generally considered to be affordable pets.


If you’re looking for a furry little friend to join your family, you may be wondering how much hamsters cost at Petco. The answer depends on the type of hamster you’re interested in. Petco sells both Syrian and dwarf hamsters, and the price difference between the two types is significant.

Syrian hamsters typically cost around $30, while dwarf hamsters generally run about $15. However, prices can vary depending on the specific breed of dwarf hamster. In addition to the purchase price, there are also some ongoing costs to consider when owning a hamster.

For example, you’ll need to buy food, bedding, and toys for your new pet. Hamsters also require regular vet check-ups and vaccinations. Overall, you can expect to spend around $50-$100 per month on your pet hamster.

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