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How to Breed Roborovski Hamster

How to Breed Roborovski Hamster

Roborovski hamsters are the smallest species of hamster, and they’re also one of the quickest and most active. They’re friendly creatures that make great pets, but they can be hard to come by since they’re not as popular as other types of hamsters. If you want to breed Roborovski hamsters, there are a few things you need to know.

  • Select a healthy male and female Roborovski hamster
  • These hamsters are very small, so it is important to choose ones that appear healthy and robust
  • Place the male and female in separate cages next to each other
  • This will allow them to get used to each other’s scent without being able to physically interact
  • After a week or so, you can place the two cages side by side so that the animals can see and smell each other
  • Once the hamsters are comfortable with each other, you can place them in a larger cage together
  • Be sure to provide plenty of hiding places and toys for them to play with
  • Allow the pair to mate naturally, and do not intervene unless there is aggression between the two animals
  • If everything goes well, you should see baby hamsters within 3-4 weeks!

Can You Breed Roborovski Hamsters?

Roborovski hamsters are the smallest species of hamster, and as such, they can be difficult to breed. They are also one of the shortest-lived species of hamster, with a lifespan of only 2-3 years. However, if you are determined to breed roborovski hamsters, there are a few things you need to know.

First, you will need to find a male and female roborovski hamster that are willing to mate. This can be difficult, as roborovskis are not naturally social animals and may not take kindly to being introduced to a new partner. Once you have found two compatible roborovskis, it is important to make sure they have plenty of food and water available, as well as a clean and comfortable cage in which to mate.

The mating process itself is relatively straightforward; the male will mount the female from behind and insert his penis into her vagina. The pair will then copulate for several minutes before separating. It is important to note that roborovskis typically do not form lasting bonds with their mates, so once the deed is done, you can expect them to go their separate ways.

Once the female has been successfully impregnated, she will begin nesting within a few days. She will gather bedding material (such as shredded paper or fabric) in her mouth and carry it back to her nest box or other secluded spot in the cage. Once she has enough bedding material gathered, she will start filling in the nest cavity with her body heat until it is nice and snug – this process usually takes around 24 hours.

After another day or so has passed, the female’s body temperature will drop slightly and she will stop gathering bedding material; this signals that she is about ready to give birth. Within 24-48 hours after her temperature drops, she will give birth to a litter of anywhere from 1-12 baby hamsters (known as “pups”). These pups are born blind and deaf but fully furred; they weigh only about 5 grams each at birth but grow quickly over the next few weeks/months.

How Many Babies Do Roborovski Hamsters Have?

Roborovski hamsters are known for being one of the smallest species of hamster. They typically have litters of around six, but can have as many as twelve. This is a relatively large litter size for a small mammal.

Roborovskis are also known for being very fast and active. They are often used in research because of their small size and ability to run long distances quickly.

How Long are Robo Hamsters Pregnant For?

Robo hamsters are a type of dwarf hamster that is popular as a pet. They are known for being small, friendly and easy to care for. Robo hamsters are also known to be very active and playful.

The average lifespan of a robo hamster is 2-3 years. However, they can live up to 5 years with proper care. Robo hamsters are pregnant for about 18-21 days.

During this time, they will gain weight and their belly will swell as the babies develop inside of them. It is important to provide your pregnant hamster with plenty of food and water during this time.

How Do I Know If My Robo Hamster is Pregnant?

There are a few things you can look for to determine if your robo hamster is pregnant. First, pay attention to her increased appetite and water consumption. She may also be more active than usual as she builds a nest for her impending litter.

Her abdomen will also begin to swell as the pregnancy progresses. Finally, you may notice that her nipples are enlarged and pink in color. If you see any of these changes, it’s likely that your robo hamster is pregnant and you should take her to the vet for confirmation.

How to Breed Dwarf Hamsters

Dwarf hamsters are one of the most popular pets in the world. They are small, cute, and relatively easy to care for. If you’re thinking about breeding dwarf hamsters, there are a few things you need to know.

First, it’s important to choose a healthy pair of hamsters. Make sure they are both free from any diseases or health problems. It’s also best to choose two hamsters that are around the same age.

Once you have your two hamsters, you’ll need to set up a comfortable home for them. This should include a cage with plenty of space for them to move around and play. You’ll also need to provide food and water bowls, bedding, and hiding places.

The next step is to let your two hamsters get acquainted with each other. Put them in the same cage and let them explore each other for a few days before starting the breeding process. This will help them get used to each other’s scent and reduce stress during mating.

When you’re ready to breed your dwarf hamsters, put them in a separate cage that has been lined with soft bedding material like shredded paper or cloth. The female will then build a nest out of this material in which she will give birth. Once the babies are born, they should be removed from the nest so that they don’t get crushed by their mother accidentally .

Breeding dwarf hamsters can be rewarding experience if everything goes well . Just be sure to do your research beforehand and be prepared for some extra work once the babies arrive .

Can Roborovski Hamsters Live Together

Roborovski hamsters are the smallest of all hamster species and are known for their speed, agility, and ability to jump high. They originate from the deserts of Mongolia and Northern China. Roborovskis have a lifespan of 2-3 years in captivity and do best in pairs or small groups.

While they can technically live together, it is not recommended to keep more than two Roborovskis together as they are very active and need a lot of space to run around. If you do decide to keep more than two together, make sure they have plenty of toys and hiding places so they can get away from each other if needed.

Female Roborovski Hamster

Roborovski hamsters are the smallest species of hamster, and they’re also the cutest in my opinion! Female Roborovski hamsters are particularly special because they’re very independent and don’t need much attention from their owners. They’re active little creatures that love to explore their surroundings, so it’s important to give them plenty of space to roam.

If you’re looking for a low-maintenance pet, then a female Roborovski hamster is definitely the right choice for you!

Roborovski Hamster Colors

Roborovski hamsters are the smallest breed of hamster and are known for their speed. They are also one of the most popular breeds because of their wide variety of colors. There are currently nine recognized colors: agouti, albino, black, Chinese blue, cream, lilac, platinum blonde, Russian blue and sable.

The most common color is agouti, which is a brown or gray fur with lighter colored bands. Albino Roborovskis lack pigment in their fur and have red eyes. Black Roborovskis have solid black fur and may also have white patches on their belly or feet.

Chinese blue Roborovskis have a light blue-gray fur with no other markings. Cream Roborovskis are pale yellow or ivory in color with no other markings. Lilac Roborovskis have a lavender or purple-gray fur with no other markings.

Platinum blonde Roboroskvis have very light blond fur that is almost white in coloration. Russian blue Roboroskvis have a dark gray fur with no other markings. Sable Roboroskvis have a brown or black base color with lighter tips on their guard hairs.


In order to breed Roborovski hamsters, you will need two things: a male and a female. The first step is to put the two together in a comfortable cage where they can get to know each other. Once they are used to each other, you will need to separate them for a few days so that the female can rest.

After the female has rested, you will then put her back with the male and she should be ready to mate.

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