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How to Keep Your Hamster Warm During the Winter?

How to Keep Your Hamster Warm During the Winter?

Your Hamster leads a very safe and secured life in a well-arranged habitat. It remains busy all day long with lots of activities like passing through the tunnel, running with the wheel, etc.

Also, hamsters stay spontaneous in their habitat when a suitable nature is provided here. Otherwise, a hamster gets cozy.

To prevent the probable danger of changing temperature, you must know how to keep your Hamster warm during the winter. Let’s learn the process in detail.

Why Do Hamsters Need to be Kept Warm?

Hamsters are originated in a normal temperate country, and their physical condition is a bit sensitive.

As they are very active every day, they dig a tunnel where they want to keep the temperature of 60 degrees. They can’t tolerate too much hot or too much cold.

The arid countries like India, Pakistan, Seriya, and Greece are the free land. You have to keep them in a mild temperature between 60 degrees to 80 degrees.

Take special care of your Hamsters as the frequent fluctuations of nature can lead the Hamster to suffer from illness. Moreover, extreme cold is a threat to the health of your buddy. It increases their stress level.

Permissive hibernation is dangerous for animals forced to hibernate because of extreme situations.

As hamsters are not natural hibernators, they are constrained to hibernation in excessive cold and suffer from hypothermia and dehydration.

On the other hand, starvation makes them too weak to die. So it is very important to keep your hamsters warm in winter to ensure their sound health by some precautions.

The Obstacles You’ll Face to Keep Hamster Warm in Winter

It isn’t always possible to maintain the desired temperature in the Hamster’s habitat. While trying, you may face some unworthy obstacles like

  • Ventilated walls
  • Air insulation through the window
  • Power failure
  • Expensive warming accessories
  • Frequent breezing comes through the window

Most of the time, the obstacles demotivate us to proceed forward to take further action. But to ensure the sound health of your pet in winter, you must fight with all these shortcomings and keep the Hamster warm.

How to Keep Your Hamster Warm During the Winter?

Your little Hamster is a very cold-sensitive animal that falls into detrimental health issues in fluctuating weather and temperature. Are you very new with your cute furry pets in winter?

Don’t worry; they’re in safe hands with you. Some methods will help you to ensure suitable nature for your hamsters. Let’s learn about those processes to keep your little friend warm and playful in the winter.

  • Proper Bedding and Nesting

There’s no specific bedding for the Hamster as it can be different. As those little creatures always remain busy with nesting, burrowing, and digging, you have to ensure much element to remain to do their activities.

The cheapest and easiest solution for the winter is to use extra bedding for them by using extra newspaper, tired paper, or tissue.

  • Manage Blankets for them

The use of blankets is the oldest way of keeping habitat worms naturally. In the cage, you can use fleece fabric or a little piece of blanket to keep your pet warm and secure. Choose washable cloths to make the nest comfy and soft.

  • Replacement of cage

Placement of the cage matters for your Hamster during winter. The sudden attack of cold can make your pet false hibernate.

It’s a threat to the health of the Hamster. So, Try to eliminate the outer air r breezes from your house and place the cage in the safest and warmest corner of your house so that they get cozy in the room.

  • Proper Food

We all know that burning energy produces warmth in the body. So, to keep your Hamster warm, you need to provide them with more food.

To ensure the necessary nutrition, they should provide extra food and lots of activity. It’ll make them keep away from hibernation.

  • Room Heating Machines

When you care about your pet, you should not compromise their health issue at any cost. If it’s too cold, manage to buy and install a heating mechanism to keep them warm.

You can make a place in the encloser and set up the equipment. You can purchase a heating pad or a room heater if the equipment seems costly. Try to keep a warm water bottle beside the nest. It’ll also keep them warm in extreme cold.

  • Increasing Activity

Hamsters are mammals, and they use energy during winter. More food helps to emerge more energy so that they can work more.

It produces heat in the body, which makes them exercise. Provide some more extra hiding places to them. It’s also a proven way of keeping your Hamster warm during the cold.

  • Under-Cage Heating Mat

You may purchase an Under-Cage Heating Mat for your hammy, which the professionals use in their reptile house.

Don’t choose elements like the heating rock that may burn the fur of your Hamster. Try to apply an automatic mat; otherwise, you have to control the heating manually.

  • Other Necessary Accessories

As hamsters are very playful animals, you can buy or prepare some necessary accessories for your little friends.

 Build up a multilayered hamster hammock, holiday homes, or fuzzy beds for them. There’re many cheap substitutes you can use to reduce the cost of purchasing.

  • Maintaining Proper Window Insulation

Proper ventilation and air circulation are very important for your tinny creature. Insulation can be ensured by providing plastic cover in every possible way where air can pass.

 Don’t keep your hamster cage in an exposed room. Try to seal the window with rolling clothes.


Is it necessary to Cover Your Hamster Cage At Night?

If you can keep your Hamster warm without covering, there is no mandatory covering them at night. Possibly try to keep them in a small room. To avoid risk, you can keep the cage undercover. But ensure a wide-open area so that ventilation is never hampered.

Which is the most suitable temperature for the Hamster?

The ideal range of the temperature for the Hamster is between 65°F to 75°F. They can’t tolerate too cold or too warm.

How do Hamsters react During winter?

There’re some spaces of hamsters that remain inactive and lethargic during winter. The cold makes them motionless as it reduces their stamina. They deny roaming, sleeping, eat or drinking in winter due to excessive cold.

Why are the Hibernating Hamsters in danger?

Hibernating Hamsters are in great danger as their hibernation leads them to die gradually. In their hibernation, they can’t burn their fat, and at the same time, they refuse to eat also. They seem limp, and their heart rate becomes slow. It is a false hibernation that makes their whole-body rigid.


The pet hamster should be kept in 65°F to 75°F temperature. When the temperature goes under the winter season, the Hamster becomes ill.

Syrian hamsters frequently start hibernating at the very beginning of the winter. As you’ve sheltered your domesticated Hamster, they are completely dependent on you.

However, as you now know how to keep your Hamster warm during the winter, you can keep your little furry friend safe. You have to maintain all the probable steps and measurements to keep your tiny friend warm and ensure their comfort.

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