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How to Make Your Hamster Happy?

How to Make Your Hamster Happy?

If what you’re doing over and over is getting you nowhere, perhaps you just need a happy hamster in your life. The adorable little critters can make a unique and friendly addition to your family. Whether you’re just starting or an everlasting hamster fan, there are always things you can learn about how to make your hamster happy.

Ensuring your hamster is under good nourishment & a nutritious diet is the first step to establishing their happiness. Allowing plenty of space and enough toys can make your hamster cheerful too. Spend enough time with your hamster and keep their cage clean for further benefits.

Happy hamsters need a comfortable home to be treated right. With proper care and enrichment, you can keep your hamster happy. Just make sure to have a lot of perseverance and understand the needs of your loving pet.

Making Your Hamster Happy

There’s not any perfect way to take care of your favorite hamster. But a few simple steps should be all you need. 

Furnish a Revitalizing Living Space

A hamster needs a home within your home. So, before getting yours, think carefully about the correct type of cage for your pet friend.

  • Give It Plenty of Space

A scientific study on hamster cage size has revealed that hamsters, given ample floor space to live on, show fewer signs of boredom. So consider getting a large cage that can provide a lot of options for your new pet to roam around and explore.

  • Provide Interactive Playing Toys

To provide your pet with opportunities for exercise, buy some interactive toys and other items for them and place them into the cage.

  • Set A Hamster Wheel

When in the wild, hamsters do a lot of running in search of food and protection. In the cage, as they can’t do their natural running, set a proper hamster wheel to keep your cuddly little hamsters entertained.

You can also make a playpen outside the cage where they can play every day.

Ensuring a Proper Healthy Nutritious Diet

It’s as the adage says: A healthy body ensures a sound mind. To do that, provide a nutritious diet for your little puffball.

  • Provide High Quality and Variety of Diet

Let your hamster eat well. With an optimized diet, your hamster will feel better. Initially, observe their food habits for planning a healthy, nutritious diet.

  • Consider Occasional Treats

The right food keeps your hamster healthy and happy, so does an occasional treat. Just like your favorite foods make you content, hamsters will enjoy their favorite foods as well.

  • Keep Them Hydrated

Ensuring constant clean freshwater is a fundamental part of keeping your hamster happy. Freshwater is undoubtedly essential for its wellbeing. So make sure a clean, fresh supply of water is readily available at all times in your hamster’s cage.

  • Keep Things to Chew

Did you know hamster’s teeth never stop growing? Rodents have an innate need to chew and nibble on something constantly. They do it to file down their teeth.

But little do they know; their sound of bar chewing can be awkward and annoying to you. Getting them a chew toy should benefit both you and your furry little friend.

Spending Time with Your Hamster

You want your little cutie-pie to like you, right? So then, make sure to manage some time on your hands for him.  

  • Make Their Acquaintance

Get to know the behavior of your hamster. Spend time with it, cuddle it. Don’t force your hamster to play with you at the beginning.

Hamsters tend to be shy. So, try making them comfortable with your presence.

  • Handle It Slowly

Be patient while handling this unsocial little critter. First, lend your hand to your hamster buddy to sit on your palm. Next, offer it a delicious treat.

Slowly but surely, try to garner its affection. Handle it carefully by being soft and friendly with care.

  • Develop A Bond

Allow your little friend to run around your home in a safe location. Getting out of his cage frequently will make him feel happy. Spare some moments to be with him and let him get used to your presence.

Taking Care of Natural Behavior

Let your hamster feel at home by sustaining his instincts.

  • Cast Up a Tunneling System

Being natural tunnelers, hamsters will try to dig tunnels, just like they do in the wild. So make a tunneling system for them in the cage.

  • Don’t Buy A Friend For Your Pet

Hamsters are not always the friendliest with others. They don’t live with each other in the wild. Bringing a new unknown partner can stress them out and eventually make them unhappy and unhealthy.

  • Provide Deep Bedding

Choose your hamster’s bedding carefully. Because of being burrowers, they’ll only be happy if they’re allowed to do some digging.

  • Allow Them A Sand Bath

The only way that allows hamsters to bathe themselves is through a sand bath. They enjoy taking sand baths to the fullest.  By removing excess oils from their skin and fur, they remain much happier with the way of cleaning themselves.

Be sure you provide your furry friend with a fresh supply of sand regularly. Mixing it up with dust can eventually cause skin diseases.

Securing a Tranquil and Friendly Ambience

To properly take care of your hamster, you need to let them settle in a friendly atmosphere.

  • Put the Cage In A Well-Ventilated Spot

Concerning your pet’s happiness and health, don’t set his cage in direct sunlight or front of a heater. Also, make sure not to place its home in the dark, cold basement.

They are too sensitive to noise and temperature. Make them feel warm and at home. Avoid any exposed place where other pets or wobbly toddlers can knock over his cage.

  • Clean the Cage Regularly But Not Too Often

To ensure a healthy environment, regularly clean out the cage. But don’t clean it too often. By doing so, it’ll make them feel intruded. You should keep in mind that removing their burrows stresses these tunnelers out.

Bottom Line

Your little hamster friend needs a good amount of attention and care. These practices are, of course, pretty easy to adopt. However, you will never know what the enigmatic fluff balls are actually feeling—you don’t have hamster brains!

But a better understanding of how to make your hamster happy should help you care for your pet friend more efficiently. So, here’s to having a cheery little critter in your home!

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