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How to Tame A Hamster?

How to Tame A Hamster?

Hamsters are adorable creatures as pets. If you can’t get along with your tiny and cute friend, you shouldn’t keep it at all. But hey, don’t get upset because we can teach you how to tame a hamster and play with it every day.

A hamster needs to feel at home in the new cage, so give it a little time. You should feed your pet regularly to introduce yourself, like starting to talk and give treats. Then you can try to touch it and give it a chance to walk outside the cage. Don’t force it until your pet trusts you completely. After that, show your love and interact with it every day.

All the brief discussions about these points will be in this article. So follow us to the bottom line if you are interested!

How Should You Start to Tame A Hamster?

Taming a hamster is quite an easy job. All you need to do is just follow some simple steps, and your pet should be under your control in no time. But you should have patience and consistency to tame a hamster.

Give It Enough Time to Explore New Home

You might bring a hamster from a shop or borrow it from your friend. So, it needs to feel comfortable in its new home. You should have all the necessary items inside the cage for a hamster.

Give your new pet enough time to explore its home and get along with every corner. Probably, one week is enough to set in the new pen.

Feed Your Pet Daily

You have to ensure that your pet is regularly eating. Maintain a proper schedule to feed your tiny friend and try to keep its favorites like raw foods and vegetables on the list. Your hamster will get used to your face whenever you give it food.

Introduce Your Voice

Try to talk with your pet or give a signal by a whistle. First, you won’t see any response. But eventually, it will start to recognize you. When it gets familiar with your voice, the hamster will respond whenever you call by name or whistle.

Introduce Your Smell

It’s very wise to introduce your hamster with your smell as your intention is to play with it.

Get tissue paper and rub it with your skin. Then you can put some pieces of it in the corners of the cage. Your hamster friend will start to recognize your smell within a week.

Treat Your Friend

Who doesn’t like treats? Your little pet is also fond of it. So, give a hamster food pellet and see how it gets excited. It’s better to use your fingers or keep the pellet in your open palm and wait until the hamster comes for it. This way, you can gain its trust.

Try to Touch It

Now it’s time to make a move forward and try to touch your friend. But don’t rush, or it will get scared. Use the food pellets to attract it in your palm, or use a mug to take it out from the cage. Hold it gently and see where it wants to go.

You shouldn’t try any force to contact, or else it will bite you and will want to go into its cage.

Give It Enough Freedom Outside the Cage

When your tiny friend gets used to your touch, you can play with it outside the cage. Hamsters love to play outside of any blocked area.

You should place a carpet or clean an old rag where you are playing with your friend. It’s like a backup plan if the hamster might poop or pee accidentally during playing.

Wash Your Hands

It’s imperative to clean your hand before and after you get in contact with your pet for feeding or playing. Otherwise, any disease can attack your pet. Or it can bite you if your hands smell like food.

Your hamster friend is familiar with your hand’s smell. So, if you have touched other things, or somehow your hand smells different, it might not want to come to you or play with you.

Continuously Interact

Don’t forget to spend time with your pet regularly. The longer time you spend with it, the more quickly it will behave friendly with you. You will even get enough confidence to play with your friend every day.

Feed it, play with it, hold it for a few minutes, call it by name – these simple steps are enough for continuous interactions.

Don’t Be Afraid of Bites

When you first try to pick or hold your hamster friend, it may get scared and bite you. But don’t let that stop you from taming your pet.

It may not be ready to interact yet or be feeling irritated for some reason. So, take things slowly and don’t try too hard.

Take Care and Protect from Bullies

If you want your hamster to be tamed in no time, take care of it regularly and monitor its health issues. When your hamster is ill, it may want to play or come into your hands. Therefore, monitor such things carefully, and it will notice your love.

If you have some other pets, they may not want your tiny friend around. So, it’s your duty to protect your friend from being bullied.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are hamster bites a problem?

Hamster bites won’t be a problem for you. But the teeth are pretty sharp, so it’s better to avoid the bites.

Why do hamsters bite?

Typically, hamsters bite when they are afraid of something or get anxious and irritated. It’s prevalent among hamsters who are not tamed yet. 

How long does it take to tame a hamster?

It depends on your skills or training. Usually, the process takes a few days but can last up to a few months.

Is a spinning wheel necessary for a hamster cage?

Yes, it helps a hamster to exercise daily and maintain its health. A few minutes in the wheel every day will boost the hamster’s immune system and help you tame it more easily.

Bottom Line

We hope the brief discussion is enough for you as a guideline of how to tame a hamster.

You can see that it’s not tough to tame your little pet friend. Just some patience and spending plenty of time is more than sufficient to befriend your adorable hamster.

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