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What Can I Give My Hamster to Chew On?

What Can I Give My Hamster to Chew On?

Hamsters are amazing animals and are great companions if you want to keep one as a pet. However, if you already have one, you might have already discovered that hamsters are addicted to chewing bars.

The next thing that will pop into your mind is, “what can I give my Hamster to chew on?” Yes, folks! There’re numerous choices as they require constant chewing as it is one type of homeostasis of their body.

You’ll get familiar with all the reasons and additional information regarding hamster chewing once you scroll down through this article and thank us for our intensive research on this topic. Have fun!

Reasons Behind a Hamster’s Addiction to Chewing

Hamsters love chewing, but most importantly, chewing is mandatory for their survival. Their teeth can grow as long as their lifespan keeps them running. So, to maintain the balance, they need constant chewing to keep file down their teeth up to a minimum level.

One thing to worry about is that if you don’t guide them through a safer chewing substrate, they’ll start to feed on any object they find nearby such as their cage.

Bar chewing is unclean and not suitable for Hamster’s health. So, make sure to accompany them with an appropriate chew toy.

Why Bar Chewing is Dangerous for Hamsters?

You might wonder that chewing bars keep Hamster’s teeth in place, which is a good thing. But, you’re so damn wrong!

Chewing metal bars on their cage can damage their teeth, causing them to be misaligned. Then, your Hamster will require trimming daily, and if they’re left misaligned, the teeth may grow in the wrong direction, which can kill your favorite pet.

If you want your Hamster to escape from this psychological discomfort, we’d suggest taking good care of him and growing a habit of chewing one of the chew toys you’ll buy for your pet after reading this article.

What Can I Give My Hamster to Chew On?

Consider the following list is suitable for any hamster breed. Not only will they remove the bad habit of chewing bars, but your Hamster will also accept these as a source of treat that they’ll surely love.

Apple Sticks

If you had some previous experience with how hygienic and energetic organic products are, you and your Hamster would surely enjoy those extracted from the apple branches.

These sticks are usually sold in 6 inches length, and they are guaranteed organic, free of pesticides, and not to mention delicious. The right amount of carbohydrates can help your Hamster strengthen their teeth.

They usually come from 100 to 500 grams range of packets. One packet costs cheap and can last up to 2/3 weeks, giving you almost a month not to worry about your Hamster’s teeth.

Kaytee Chews

Are you looking for a chew toy that will constantly keep your Hamster entertained as well as keep their teeth level on the line?

Well, Kaytee got all these conditions covered for you.

Their specially designed chew toy is very much applicable for Syrian hamsters and comes with a hook so that it can be hanged from any place inside your house.

This multi-leveled, multi-textured toy is biodegradable, so you dispose of it once your Hamster has eaten it. Updating this gadget is simple, as each toy costs about 3 dollars.

You may buy Kaytee Perfect Chews in batches of one to three to avoid crashing out of this fantastic chew toy.

Grass Balls

Another super fun version of hamster plays is Grass Balls manufactured by Niteangel. These toys are great for chewing that can last longer, which will keep your Hamster busy because of all the chasing and running. Their products are 100% naturally authenticated.

They’re made entirely of seagrass, water hyacinth, and rattan, without metal or adhesive. Only their natural materials are used to weave them. Many owners like to put a treat inside each ball as a small reward for their hammy’s hard work.

A package of three grass balls costs about 8 dollars.

Lava Chews

Are you looking for something authentic? These lava triangles taste better and are made from actual volcanic lava.

Instead of sticking to all those grass balls, sticks all the time, you can introduce some lava to your Hamster to avoid boredom with their tasks.

When you decide to buy one lava triangle, make sure to choose from these below-mentioned flavors:

  • Chin-a-min
  • Spear-a-munch
  • Winter grind

While you do some internet search on this model, you will observe that they contain some pre-drilled holes which you can use to hang, but also you can shove them around your hammy’s cage to further prevent the bar chewing.

Alfie Pet Chew

This particular piece of chew toy not only provides necessary things for your hammy’s teeth protection, but the exterior look of it enables your hammy to chew it even more.

The design consists of hanging mineral blocks that also help in water consumption and maintain constant body health.

You can hang it on the upper ceiling of your Hamster’s cage, which will provide endless hours of chewing fun.

But more joy comes in action when your Hamster gets the chance to drag this Alfie pet chew and get some physical exercise to keep themself fit.


What food can I provide my Hamster to chew on?

Hamsters generally like to chew on hard surfaces, which keeps their teeth in acceptable length and good shape. Dog biscuits are an excellent alternative to bar chewing, which also acts as a good source of calcium.

Additionally, several chew toys mentioned above can also help them chew more efficiently.

What are the symptoms relating to a Hamster’s death?

Some of the most common symptoms that can lead to the sudden death of a hamster are:

Abnormal behavior, e.g., a sudden increase in metabolism, heart rate
Breathing difficulties
Any change in appearance

Do Hamsters bite humans?

Hamsters are considered one of the most cuddly, affectionate companions, which is why they are the perfect pet for kids. They don’t attack humans if they are faced with extreme violence, which makes them scared.

What to do when a hamster tries to climb the cage?

When a hamster tries to climb a cage, it means that they were threatened, for which they had an adrenaline rush and got angry. Don’t try to taunt a hamster while in the cage because cage rage causes resinous damage to their emotions and health.

How to make one Hamster stop chewing?

Chewing is a natural phenomenon for a Hamster. If the chewing surface is the cage, then that is what the problem is.

Research says many hamsters do this to get their owner’s attention, which signals their playtime. A wise thing will be to cuddle them or provide a suitable chew toy to save your free time.


Chewing is an essential part of a hamster’s well-being, and it helps keep his teeth healthy, reduces all the boring time, and prevents all those bad habits like bar chewing.

So, next time someone asks you what I can give my Hamster to chew on? Make sure to shower them with all the information that you gathered today.

Last but not least, while you roam around the store buying the most suitable chewing toy for your hammy, make sure to buy some healthy food and carbohydrates.

You certainly don’t want your hammy to get skinny day by day! We hope this helps!

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