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What Does Hamster Eat?

What Does Hamster Eat?

People often make a mistake by thinking that hamsters can only eat seeds, grains, and nuts. But this is a totally wrong idea. Hamsters are actually omnivorous, meaning they can eat both plants and meat. And it is recommended that a pet hamster’s food contain 5 percent fat with 16 percent protein.

Hamsters can eat all types of food, such as vegetables, fruits, herbs, nuts, mealworms, fresh water, hay, etc. You can also give them pelleted hamster feed that comes in a package of all essential nutrients. Giving them occasional treats to encourage them is also a good idea.

But to keep your little pet healthy and active, you have to know what does hamster eat. Let’s get to know that in detail!

Ideal Food For Hamster

Hamsters are just like kids who love to eat cookies, but they need to eat fruits and vegetables too. It’s necessary to bring variation in their food circle. Otherwise, it can get boring for them. There is a variety of food that hamsters can eat.

Pelleted Food

Pelleted hamster foods are a mixture of all the essential nutrients that a hamster needs. It provides a balanced diet with every bite your hamster takes.

The formulation is made by mixing different types of seeds so that the hamsters don’t end up being picky with their food. It comes in the shape of biscuits or cookies. You can buy these from your local pet shops.


Hamsters love to eat seeds. Sometimes you’ll notice that your hamster will finish sunflower seeds first and then touch the other foods. This is because hamsters love to eat foods containing a high quantity of fat.

So you can give your little puffball some loose seed mix. It works just as well as pelleted foods.


If you’re unsure what you should give your new furry friend to eat, just give it a tablespoon full of grains. It’s the primary food for any hamster. Grains provide a sufficient amount of protein and carbohydrates to your hamster.


There are some common vegetables that you find in your kitchen or pantry which hamsters love to eat.

  • Sweet Potatoes – Hamsters love to eat little cooked sweet potatoes. But do not ever give them raw potatoes as it might hamper their digestion.
  • Celery – Hamsters can eat celery. Give them a tiny amount at a time. Make sure the vegetables are washed well and free from any pesticides. It’ll be best if they are organic. Hamsters can eat the celery stalk, head, and leaves as well.
  • Cucumber – It’s well-known that hamsters can get upset stomach or diarrhea if they overdose on vegetables that contain high water content like cucumber and lettuce. So feed them cucumbers only in a tiny amount.
  • Peas –  You can give your pet friend 2 or 3 peas in a day after soaking them in water for a little while.

You can also give your hamster carrots, tomatoes, broccoli, bok choy, cabbage, spinach, and dandelion seeds. They’re pretty much fond of eating granular food or stuff they can chew on.


Your pet critter will simply love apples, cherries, strawberries, peaches, bananas, mango, and blueberries. But make sure to give them fruits without seeds.

Do not give your hamster too much of any fruits as these contain a lot of sugar. And sugar causes diabetes and fattiness. Also, avoid fruits that contain citruses like lemon, oranges, or grapefruits.


As we said before, hamsters are omnivorous animals. So they can eat meat too, which is an excellent source of protein for them. But you should only give them to your tiny friend in a moderate amount.

You can feed your hamster a little bit of cooked beef or chicken. Or you can give them canned meat too. However, it’s recommended to avoid pork.

Hamsters also love to scrunch on live crickets and mealworms, which you can buy from any pet shop.


Nuts are one of the most favorite foods for hamsters. You can give them any kind of nuts. But remember that nuts contain high amounts of fat or oils. So give them only a little bit. It’s advisable to avoid almonds overall.

Fresh Water

Like any other animal, hamsters need to drink plenty of water. So provide them chlorine-free, fresh, and filtered water.


Timothy hay is an excellent choice for developing your hamster’s teeth. So give them timothy hay once in a while to make their teeth stronger. It helps with their digestion too.              


It might be a surprising matter to you, but hamsters can eat bread too. Not the white ones but only the brown bread. You can give them brown bread in a tiny amount.

 Occasional Treats

After every three or four days, you should give your hamster a treat as encouragement. That way, they will be more active and enthusiastic.

You can give them boiled eggs, mealworms, nuts, or the food that they like the most as a reward. But only offer them in a small moderated amount.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much should I feed a hamster?

Knowing the right amount of food is just as necessary as knowing what to feed a hamster. If you are giving them seeds or grains, give them only one or two tablespoons. And if you are giving them fruits or vegetables, provide them with the amount you can balance on your fingertip.

What food should I not give to my hamster?

If you give your hamsters any of the foods given below, it may as well kill your pet or make it really sick.
Spring onions
Foods containing high fat and sugar

How frequently should I feed my hamster?

Do not refill food on your hamster’s cage before they have finished the foods given before. Otherwise, they will become picky eaters. Wait until the dish is empty. And a hamster will never starve itself. 

Bottom Line

Food is essential for hamsters, just as for any other living being. But different animals eat different foods. So if you are a hamster owner, you have to know what food is best for your little pet friend.

Hope this article about what does hamster eat was helpful to you. Now go and show your little puffball some love. Treat them well with utmost care!

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