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Why is My Hamster Licking the Cage

Why is My Hamster Licking the Cage

If you’ve ever wondered why your hamster is licking the cage, you’re not alone. Many hamster owners have noticed their furry friend engaging in this behavior and have asked themselves the same question. While there could be a number of reasons why your hamster is licking the cage, it’s most likely due to one of two things: either they’re trying to clean their home or they’re looking for something to eat.

If you’ve ever wondered why your hamster is licking the cage, there are a few possible explanations. First, it could be that your hamster is trying to clean the cage. This is especially likely if you notice your hamster licking after you’ve cleaned the cage yourself.

Another possibility is that your hamster is trying to get rid of a bad taste in its mouth. This could be due to something your hamster has eaten or drank, or it could be an indication of an underlying health condition. If you’re concerned about your hamster’s health, it’s always best to consult with a veterinarian.

Lastly, some experts believe that licking is simply a way for hamsters to show affection. So if you see your furry friend giving the cage a good lick, it might just be because they love you!

What Does It Mean When Hamster Licks?

When a hamster licks, it is usually signifying that the hamster likes or trusts the person. It is similar to a dog licking someone’s hand. Hamsters also groom themselves by licking their fur.

Why Do Hamsters Keep Biting Their Cage?

There are a few reasons why hamsters might bite their cage. One reason is that they’re trying to escape. If your hamster’s cage is too small or doesn’t have enough enrichment, they may become frustrated and start biting the bars in an attempt to get out.

Another possibility is that your hamster is bored and wants something to do. Chewing on the bars of their cage gives them something to do and helps keep their teeth healthy and clean. Finally, some hamsters may simply be nippy by nature and enjoy chewing on things.

If your hamster’s bites aren’t causing any damage to their cage, you don’t need to worry too much about it. However, if they’re starting to bend or break the bars, you’ll need to take action to prevent further damage.

How Do You Stop a Hamster from Biting Its Cage?

There are a few things you can do to stop your hamster from biting its cage. One is to provide it with more toys and objects to chew on, so that it has less of a reason to bite the cage. You can also try training your hamster with positive reinforcement – rewarding it when it doesn’t bite the cage, and ignoring or lightly scolding it when it does.

Finally, make sure that the cage itself is free of sharp edges or anything else that might be causing your hamster discomfort; if there’s something wrong with the cage, your hamster may be biting out of frustration or pain.

Why is My Hamster in the Corner of the Cage?

If your hamster is spending a lot of time in the corner of their cage, it could be because they feel unsafe or insecure. Hamsters are naturally timid creatures and can be easily scared by loud noises or sudden movements. If your hamster feels like they are constantly being watched or harassed, they may start to spend more time in the corners of their cage as a way to escape the stress.

Another possibility is that your hamster is simply bored and isn’t getting enough stimulation from their environment. If there isn’t much for them to do in their cage, they may start to become restless and look for ways to entertain themselves. Try adding some new toys or tunnels for them to explore to help keep their minds active and engaged.

Whatever the reason, if you notice that your hamster is spending an excessive amount of time in the corner of their cage, it’s important to take steps to figure out why. By providing them with a safe and enriching environment, you can help reduce their stress levels and make sure they’re happy and healthy.


Your hamster may be licking the cage for a variety of reasons. It could be that they are trying to clean their cage, or it could be a sign of boredom or stress. If your hamster is constantly licking the cage, you may want to try adding some new toys or enrichment items to their enclosure to help keep them stimulated.

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