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13 Best Hamster Toys ​​To Entertain Your Pet

Hamsters – your adorable furry friends, cannot get enough of exploring their surroundings. Often, if they are not given enrichment toys, they might end up chewing on their own hair, skin, or cage bars, or even worse, break their teeth from boredom. 

Therefore, it would be a great idea to keep your furry pal happy and entertained with the best hamster toys that go beyond the simple wheel.

Although it may seem cute to let your pet scurry around on the floor, many alternatives will keep your curious friend happy during his playtime.

Here, we are going to pile up 13 hamster toys that you can give your pet to make its life more entertaining and playful. If you are looking for something like this, read till the end! 

How Hamster Toys Benefit Pets?

A variety of accessories are available for hamsters, from chewing accessories to play logs to exercising balls. Each of these pieces of equipment will benefit your hamster, with some providing great entertainment while some providing ways to maintain their health. 

Choosing the right item may depend on the cage you have and the type of hamster you own. Generally speaking, the more stimulation your pet receives, the happier it will be.

Source of Pure Joy

These toys make great gifts for small furry animals like hamsters, gerbils, and dwarf hamsters. Uses of eye-catching rainbow bridges and exciting hideout houses to adorn your little furry friend’s home can provide them with a fun play spot and fill their lives with pure joy.

Sense of security

The hamsters’ toys are not only of delicate appearance but also come in handy as a means of relieving the stress of your little critters. Playing with toys prevents them from chewing their own cages and other furniture. What’s more, chews and balls keep hamster teeth and claws healthy while providing them with fun entertainment.

Mental Stimulant

Hamsters should have enough goodies in their cage to stimulate their curiosity and interest. Variate the toys you provide. Offer toys with lights, sounds, textures, bouncing, rolling, and swinging. Toys that encourage foraging will help them remain stimulated when it is time to take care of them or give them treats.

Physical Exercise 

Play and exercise are essential for your hamster. By providing ample choice of toys for your pet, you will ensure that it’s healthy and happy. Hamsters can undertake physical exercise with the hamster track toy, which will lead to them becoming healthier. In addition to providing enjoyment for small animals, this activity can prevent boredom, anxiety, and stress.

Best Hamster Toys 2023

1. HWONMTE Hamster Toys House


  • Dimensions: ‎ 11.57 x 8.35 x 7.32 inches
  • Weight: 2.09 Pounds
  • Material: Natural Wood
  • Hamster Bridge: Yes
  • Climbing Ladder: Yes

The HWONMTE Hamster Toys House is an excellent play toy that is made out of natural, handpicked materials. Hamsters can stay in safety in this nook with lookout holes to keep an eye on the outside and satisfy their need to explore.

Featuring a ladder and climbing wall Gym, cozy sleeping nest, unique balcony, this climb house stimulates your hamster to do more exercise and maintains his health, as well as enhances coordination and balance while walking.

The product is made from selected hardwood sticks, strung and shaped by highly flexible metal wires to make it bendable and to shape it as you wish.

Hamster toys for cage-like these are appropriate for small pets like hamsters, mice, gerbils, rats, sugar gliders, and so forth. It can be adapted to different shapes to organize your pet’s play or active platform according to your pet’s requirements, providing them with distinctive fun.

Why do we like it?

(+) Security of Natural Wood

This playhouse comes with the assurance of completely natural components. It is important to remember that hamsters have a strong temptation to chew. They tend to take a bite out of almost anything that you keep at their disposal in their cage. Therefore, the chances are pretty high that the hamster will ingest toxic materials on the toys.

Natural components come to the rescue and solve this dilemma. HWONMTE Hamster is Manufactured from carefully chosen Hardwood sticks and strung., Using these materials, you can feel confident that your pet is safe while playing.

(+) Bendability 

It is suitable for small animals such as hamsters, mice, gerbils, rats, sugar gliders, etc. Depending on your pet’s needs, the play area can be arranged into any shape, allowing them to have the best time.

(+) Promotes physical activity

Climbing Wall Gym, a comfortable nest for Sleeping, attached balcony coming with this toy allows your playful hamster to do more exercise safely and healthily. Hamsters can exercise and increase their coordination and balance when playing in this toy house. Furthermore, it meets hamsters’ desire for climbing and exploration.

Keep in Mind

(-) Sized for small spaces

Unfortunately, we did notice that the space within the house is inadequate. Your hamster may not be extremely comfortable within it.

2. Kathson Pet Small Animal Hideout


  • Dimension: 1 x 1 x 1 inches
  • Weight: 1 Pound
  • Material: Natural Wood Material
  • Slide: Yes
  • Staircase: Yes

The right hamster hideout for Syrian hamsters is not always easy to find, especially if you’re short on time, and doing the required research can be quite time-consuming. Hence, I am here to help you with expertise and information from experienced previous buyers to answer any questions you may have. 

Our verdict is that Kathson Pet Small Animal Hideout is the model you should consider as a first option since it comes with multifarious benefits that make it a viable option. 

This Small Animal Hideout is Ideal for hamsters, mice, and other tiny furry animals, especially if they are nocturnal. That implies they prefer to sleep during the daytime and scurry around at night. A hideout of this sort can help your pet feel more at ease during the daylight while it is sleeping.

Why do we like it?

(+) Easy Assemble 

For assembly, you simply need to put the right teeth on the plates. It is easy to clean and odor-resistant.

(+) Environmental protection

Includes a wood-plastic plate and hanging bell that emits a tinkling sound. Providing a safe harbor for your small animal, this nest provides a nesting area and a way to watch over it.

(+) Small Staircase

With ladders and climbing walls, your beloved hamster can exercise and remain healthy.

(+) Slide

This slide will make your pet’s life more exciting as well as make it fun for you.

(+) Safe Material

Made from natural wood material, this hideout is completely safe for your little furry friend. 

Keep in Mind

(-) Smaller for Syrian

This product can be on the smaller side for the Syrian Breed.

3. iBoboy Hamster Chew Toys Set for small animal 


  • Material: Wood, Rattan
  • Applicable for: Guinea Pig, Hamster, Chinchilla, etc.
  • Brand: IBOBOY
  • Toy count: 8 

No matter how mundane your hamster’s life may seem, this iBoboy product has the variety to spice up their day. This iBoboy product is perfect for your hamster! It comes with different chewing toys made from natural wood that hasn’t been treated with pesticides. 

Your hamster is very lucky to have these best hamster toys in its cage. Encourage your hamster to play with the toys in this pack. These are specifically designed for their teeth-cleaning and healthy growth.

Why Do We Like It? 

(+) Durable and eco friendly 

iBoBoy hamster toys are manufactured from the apple branch, which makes them environmental and anti-bite. As molar tools for your pets, these products help them grind the growing teeth while preventing chewing on furniture or other items in their cages! 

(+) Suitable for all small pet

Never bored again with this natural hamster toys kit! These fun items are perfect for your small pet friends. They’re suitable for a wide range of pets-hamsters, guinea pigs, chinchillas, gerbils, and more. These good hamster toys are the perfect gift to surprise any small animal lover in your life.

(+) Have toy variation

This hamster chews toy set is a great way to keep your little buddies entertained. The seesaw, wooden ladder bridge, swing, apple branch molar string, and many others are all fun for chewing on as well as playing with their tiny feet!

(+) Adorable bridge included

The wooden bridge can be bent into various shapes to reach elevated areas. And it also curls up like a hut for your furry friend! This allows them to explore, exercise, and have a safe place where they can chew on the fresh stick pieces.

Keep In Mind 

(-) Some pets found them boring

If you’ve got a hamster, it’s important to know that they might not be attracted to toys. Every animal is different, so this may or may not apply in your case!

4. ERKOON Hamster Chew Toy Collection


  • Target Species: Hamster, Chinchilla
  • Brand: ERKOON
  • Material: Wood, Pine, Grass
  • Unit Count: 8 item

This 14 item set of chew toys is the easiest way to give your hamster a bounty of bitey goodness. Gnawing on these items will help keep their teeth in optimum shape, so it’s wise you have plenty available for them! 

ERKOON has the best wooden chew collection on the market, ranging from fun items like a willow rattan ball to practical ones like pine nuts. 

Why Do We Like It? 

(+) Toy Variety 

This hamster toy set includes a colorful tunnel that leads to a seesaw, blue-top wooden house, small dumbbells, and bells for exercise. It also comes with a molar grass ball as well as a medium pine cone. That can provide your hamsters with a warm home plus the venues they need, so you will have an active pet in no time.

(+) Top-notch quality with safety

Dwarf hamsters need to chew things for their teeth to grow. Chewing also helps keep the dwarf’s mind sharp and active, which is why they are given safe toys made of wood logs that have been naturally dried out over time. 

(+) Applicable for all small pet

Dwarf hamster toys are a must-have for all dwarfs and other small rodents! The beautiful shapes of these toys do not only make them ideal but also very suitable. 

(+) Attractive for pets

Dwarf hamster toys can be colorful and porous to keep small rodents curious. They have an exclusive design that consents them to shuttle freely, which keeps the rodent from being bored or feeling pressure in their cage.

Keep In Mind 

(-) Only fit for regular size

Your regular size pets may enjoy playing with these colorful cool hamster toys, but if you have a pet like Syrian Teddy Bear Hammy at home! Then there might be an issue.

5. Suwikeke 7 pack Hamster Chew Toys


  • Package dimension: 11.65 x 4.33 x 2.99 inches
  • Weight: 4.97 Ounces
  • Item included: 7 pack
  • Applicable: small pet

These chew toys are perfect for small pets to hold in their mouths and gnaw on when they feel stressed. They’re eco-friendly, meaning that you can use them without worrying about chemicals or toxins getting into your pet’s system. 

That is quite good since it also means there aren’t any smells from the plastic that may make them want to put down a toy! A Suwikeke hamster chew toy is a healthy way to release the unease and anxiety of your pets. Also, stops them from champing their cages or other home furniture.

Why Do We Like It? 

(+) Safe and sturdy 

The Chinchilla Toys Are Made from Sun-dried Wood that has been carefully selected for its quality. These best hamster toys are made with the highest standard of care and control to ensure a safe. You can put your trust in this product that it will be gentle on your pet’s teeth and gums while they play.

(+) Entertaining & attractive

Guinea Pigs are attracted to these toys for their delicate appearance. Plus, it’s an eco-friendly option for pets. These toys will help small animals relieve the anxiety and stress of being kept in cages while also keeping them healthy and active.

(+) Full functional 

These chew toy kits are perfect for small rodents like rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, hamsters, and many more. They come with wooden toys that provide enrichment to the life of your pet while giving them a chance to play and exercises!

(+) Amazing customer service

You can depend on Suwikeke for after-sale service. If you have any questions, just contact them, and they will reply within 24 hours, providing the best customer support possible.

Keep In Mind 

(-) Don’t wash them with water

You can’t wash these nice toys with water. Because if they touch the water, they will swell and get damaged. You can’t even wipe these toys with a damp cloth. 

6. Roundler Dwarf Hamster Toy Set


  • Material: wooden
  • Color: Multicolor
  • Weight: 0.27 pounds
  • DIY: Yes

Roundler Holohona is committed to ensuring the safety of your furry friends. Their hamster toys are polished to be smooth and harmless, which prevents injury. Not only that, but they also make their products from eco-friendly materials so you can rest easy knowing it’s safe for all!

Roundler hamster house is made of greener wood, which is easier to clean. You can rinse it with clean water or wipe it off using a damp dishrag. It’s also important that you let your Roundler Hamster House dry after cleaning so the bacteria doesn’t grow on there over time.

Why Do We Like It? 

(+) DIY System makes it versatile

The Assembly of this dwarf hamster is easy and fun with its detailed instruction manual. However, if you’re still confused about how to do it on your own, the video provided by the company can help you out.

(+) Eye-watering look

The hamster toys have a unique shape that will catch the attention of rodents. Furthermore, its elegant design is sure to be an eye-catching decoration for your pet’s cage and home as well!

(+) Multiple toys included

This dwarf hamster toy set includes 5 fun and unique toys that your pet will love! Hamsters, in particular are known for loving to explore, so the rainbow nest is great because it can be used as both a hideout and play area. 

(+) Easy cleaning

Greener wood materials are used to make hamster toys. This means you can clean them as much as needed since they won’t deteriorate the toy’s quality over time. Remember to dry it off before putting it back into the cage.

Keep In Mind 

(-) Assembly instruction are not included

The process is very easy to install these hamster toys, and it doesn’t take much time. However, if you’re looking for instructions, this job can be hectic because they do not only provide instruction in their manuals.

7. HWONMTE 12 Pack Guinea Pig Toys Set


  • Material: 100% natural wood
  • Item count: 12 different items
  • Weight: 14.89 Ounces
  • Dimension of package: 8.66 x 6.65 x 4.76

If you had to sum up these chinchilla toys in one word, it would be amazing! These wooden hamster chew sticks are quite spongy and easy for pets to bite. Their fresh fragrance of quality wood has the added benefit of keeping their teeth healthy due to its slightly nutty taste which helps grind away tartar buildup.

These hamster toys are the perfect exercise for your pet, with features that can keep even rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, hamsters, and gerbils entertained. With so many options to choose from in these sets of different styles & colors, they’ll be able to play all day!

Why Do We Like It? 

(+) 100% natural 

These best hamster toys are manufactured from 100% natural woods. This makes them friendlier to the environment, and they have a touch of nature that will be good for your pet!

(+) Safe to chew

A hamster’s favorite toy is made of high-quality wood with natural ingredients. The process starts by selecting the best quality materials, sun drying them for a more vibrant look and feel before finishing it off to perfection.

(+) Sturdy and durable

Eco-friendly hamster accessories with a lovely shape and special anti-corrosion technology with durability ensure that your pet’s teeth will grow healthy. These sturdy bite-resistant molar tools also promise to care for the wellbeing of your favorite furry friend wholeheartedly!

(+) Great after sell service

The hamster toys come with a 30-day money-back guarantee and lifetime customer service so if you’re unsatisfied for any reason at all, contact the manufacturer to receive your refund.

Keep In Mind 

(-) Do not use water

These hamster toys are manufactured with natural woods. That’s why you can’t wash them or rinse the woodblocks in water because they will expand and deform after coming into contact with liquid.

8. Supmaker Hamster Chew Toys


  • Material: Wood
  • Item count: 10 items
  • Water-friendly: No
  • Weight: 9.6 ounces

Made from sustainable wood, these toys are a great way for your pet to have fun while also staying healthy. These natural wooden molars toys will keep their teeth at the right length and ensure that they stay comfortable as well!

A wooden chew toy made of environmental wood is the best choice for gerbils. The production process is strictly controlled to ensure safety. These best chew toys for hamsters are great for your pet to play with. Your pets will want to come closer and be around these adorable little toys!

Why Do We Like It? 

(+) Manufactured with quality wood

This good-quality wood has a clean, fresh scent that makes pets want to bite it up. The soft texture allows pet teeth to grow healthily and easily.

(+) Versatile collection

Molar toys for hamsters are 10 unique shapes of pet-friendly, cause interest in pets. They are useful to have around the house because they can be used for many different activities. And you never know when your pet may need a little entertainment!

(+) Operative teeth grating

These Pet hamster toys can give your pet a great workout. It’s particularly helpful for rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, gerbils, and other small animals who need to keep their teeth healthy by grinding them regularly.

(+) Durable

Eco-friendly rat toys, with their special shape and technology that has been carefully developed over time to make them bite-resistant.

(+) Top-notch quality 

The wood chew toys are made of environmentally friendly materials. The wooden chinchilla chews have a strictly controlled production process. Chinchilla chew toy is carefully crafted with the utmost care to ensure that only high-quality materials make their way into your pet’s mouth. 

Keep In Mind 

(-) Not water friendly 

We don’t recommend that you rinse these best hamster toys with water because wooden blocks will expand and deform if they are exposed to moisture. You should keep these building blocks in a dry place, but it’s not necessary to do this every day. To clean the toys, use a soft cloth or brush without harsh bristles so as not to notice any damage on their surfaces when you’re finished.

9. TRIXIE Natural Living Frida Tunnel System


  • Size Approx – 47 x 15 x 22 cm and 0.067 ounces
  • Made of natural woods
  • 2 stories house
  • Tunnel, tower, hut, and various climbing opportunities
  • High-quality presentation

This budget-friendly cute, and smart playground for hamsters come in three pieces: the tunnel and two huts. You can slide the tunnel and fit it into each hut to connect them. A perfect toy where your hammy can play in the tunnel and the front part, sleep in the other part and eat on top of the small house. 

Why Do We Like It? 

(+) Excellent fun for little ones:

If you are looking for a suitable toy for your hammy, TRIXIE Natural Living Frida Tunnel System may be just what you need. This playset is ideal for any small pet like dwarf, Bobrovsky, mice, and gerbil as it’s good in size and has a versatile hideaway. You can easily convert a tube into two houses, and hammy can use the bendy bridges as fun toys. 

(+) Easy to assemble: 

This large set comes with a 2 story house, a tower, a tunnel, and various climbing systems that offer great hiding and climbing opportunities.

You can have it all together or in separate blocks, depending on your existing cage size. 

The woods that are used to make this set do not exude resin. And before processing well, they are also dried extensively. The glue used in this toy is also non-toxic for animals. 

(+) Price worthy and easy to clean:

This super durable and entertaining toy will be worth your money. It’s literally a castle for your little pet. It arrives in its separate parts and without glue, so it does require you to put it together. As you can use the pieces separately, it means you can change it around and keep the setup interesting, and you can easily clean any parts of the set without any trouble. 

Keep In Mind

(-) Sensitive Skin Alert

As it is made of wood, make sure that your hammy doesn’t have sensitive skin or allergic problems before using. 

10. Tfwadmx Wooden Hamster Bridge: Little Animals Playground


  • Weight: 2.6 pounds
  • Functionality: Healthy playground; resist boredom
  • Material: Quality applewood
  • Dimensions: 12.3 x 9 x 2.9 inches
  • Battery: No battery; natural playground

Tfwadmx wooden hamster is exactly what a pet can love the most. This product releases monotonous activity of small animals and boosts energy level through a few exercises. 

The natural material of this tiny playground attracts many small animals. Pets will love to play with it, and once you buy this amazing product, you’ll always suggest this to your near ones too.

Why Do We Like It? 

(+) 100% Natural and Non-toxic Material

The toy is constructed from natural wood that is safe and non-toxic. It is perfect for mouse chewing and safe to release boredom. The wood material is not sharp, so small rats and pets can chew it.

The size of this pet playground is very light. It’s 30 cm/11.8 in X 20 cm/7.87 in X 18 cm/7.09 in; It can be easily carried out anywhere.

(+) Well Structured and Designed

The architecture of this small playground is very appreciable. Small pets can easily climb up as this wooden hamster has pedals. The ladders are so secured that animals can’t fall easily.

The base of this hamster bridge is layered so great that it is placed directly on the cage. It’s a perfect play home for any tiny animal.

(+) Happy Grinding Teeth

Small animals love to chew anything, and it’s now easy if they use this safe wooden hamster bridge. As this wood product is smooth and well furnished, it never harms your pet’s teeth. They can easily chew it as a teeth grinder.

Keep In Mind

(-) Cleaning is Hard While Pets Pee

It’s a great challenge if your pets pee while playing. As this wooden bridge is structured, peeing can destroy the whole environment of the playground. 

Every part of this playground needs to be clean then, but it’s possible as every part is open. Easy and fun.

11. B&P Wooden Hamster House


  • Weight: 4.1 pounds
  • Functionality:  Resist boredom and enjoyable
  • Material:  Natural wood
  • Design: Internal two layers
  • Dimensions: 28 x 19 x 20cm.
  • Automatic: No battery; natural

B&P wooden hamster house is exactly what a rat and small animals will love the most. This product resists the boredom activity of small animals and acts as a friend of tiny animals. 

The natural wooden design of this hamster house attracts many small animals. Pets will love to play with it. This hamster house is unique because of its design and creative environmental facts.

Why Do We Like It? 

(+) Made with 100% Natural Woods

This hamster house is a 100% wooden creature. Natural and user-friendly materials have been used for tiny animals. This playhouse is healthy and enjoyable for your tiny pets.

The size of this unique house is very thin and approximately 28*19*20cm.

(+) Unique and New Designed

The architecture of this small playground is very authentic. Small pets can easily climb up as this wooden hamster house is two-layered. The ladders are so secured that animals can’t fall easily.

The base of this hamster bridge is layered so great that it is placed directly on the cage.

The playhouse consists of 8 rooms and is also designed with a food basket. Eating food and climbing rocks are now easy for tiny creatures.

(+) Movable Ladder

The movable ladder gives an exception to this playhouse. It can be moved anywhere, and little pets can enjoy the moving game. It gives them new visual facts and new playing techniques with the ladders.

Keep In Mind

(-) Easily Gets Smelly

This playhouse is very enjoyable, but it’s hard to clean. As this wood hamster house is very well organized, it needs to be clean every day. 

It’s tough to clean every part of the playhouse, but once done, your pets will love to play the whole day!

12. Wooden Hut with Windows for Hamsters by PAWCHIE 


  • Material: Wood 
  • Dimension: 9.0 X 8.5 X 5 inch
  • Assembling feature: detachable 
  • Pads: Food and pee pads
  • Weight: 1.97 pounds 

The wooden hut for hamsters in the house is a fashionable way to keep them happy. Hideouts in the hut are made from high-quality woods. The hut also has pee pads with extremely useful water-absorbent technology. It provides softness and comfort to hamsters. The triangular food pad design gives minimalistic touch. 

The wooden hut brings high comfort to your hamsters. Also, you will find convenience while setting PAWCHIE’s wooden hut. 

Why Do We Like It? 

(+) Practical and convenient design 

The first and foremost requirement from any habitat for a hamster is a practical design that will help the hamster relax. As a user, you will require the right way to set up the entire hut. Both are the positive features of the wooden hut. 

(+) Soft and water-absorbent pee pad:

The inclusion of a pee pad in the wooden hut increased proper hygiene facility for your favorite pet. In this case, PAWCHIE brought the right product. You can relax and let the hamster pee on the pad. Its strong water-absorbent feature is a high plus for making the product effective and efficient. 

(+) Quality of materials 

Every part of the wooden hut is made of high-quality wood, glue, and finishing. There is no edgy part in the hut that may hurt the hamster. 

Premium material increases durability. Also, the wooden hut for hamsters will provide a decorative view for your home. 

(+) Usability 

Each portion of the wooden hut is for providing the highest comfortable habituating experience for hamsters. Moreover, there are interesting hideouts, a pee pad, a food pad, and a spacious place for letting your pets play. The usability gives maximum outcome. 

Keep In Mind 

(-) Mandatory regular cleaning 

Though food pads and pee pads are absorbent and comfortable to use, you must clean and dry them at least once a week. Otherwise, it will grow harmful bacteria and fungus. 

13. 7 pieces Hammock Set for Hamsters 


  • Set includes: 7 pieces 
  1. Ropeway (1)
  2. Circular hammock (2) 
  3. Triangular hammock (1) 
  4. Seesaw (1) 
  5. Rainbow arch bridge (1) 
  6. Stump tunnel (1) 
  • Manufacturing process: Handmade 
  • Materials: High-quality plush and metal 

The best way to keep hamsters healthy and playful is to provide them with hammocks and similar toys available in this 7 Pieces set. The use of plush materials has made hammocks, cableways, and arch bridges more convenient. Also, a diversified jungle set gives a natural playful feeling to hamsters. 

All the pieces are handmade, and it shows the required care for ensuring optimal quality of products. The cage will turn into a playground for your favorite hamsters. 

Why Do We Like It? 

(+) Plush material for the main portion 

The principal reason for suggesting this hammock set for hamsters is absolutely no risk of getting hurt. Plush materials are highly useful for nurturing furry animals. To get a playful group of hamsters, you will not have to worry a little about getting a cut from these sets. 

Washable materials for a pet’s toy are always a good feature. 

(+) Strong metal hook 

The next advantage is the strong metal hook to hang hammocks inside the cage. These provide stable and durable support to all pieces. Again, stainless steel can be used for a long period. 

(+) Easy installation and cleaning

Every piece is easy to install and clean. All parts of the toy except for metal hooks can be washed in the washing machine. The feature helps in getting rid of the odor and fungal attacks. 

Keep In Mind 

(-) Proper installation 

You need to read the manual and follow all instructions to install these hammocks in the cage. The seesaw and arch bridge of the set must be installed in the flat position. Keep an eye for any flawed or torn part of toys to avoid accidents in the future. 

What To Look For While Buying The Best Hamster Toy

Carefully watch these factors before you choose a toy for your hamster.

Natural Components

Usually, hamsters have a solid tendency for chewing, so you should go for something with completely natural components.

They also put their teeth on everything you put in their cage. Therefore, it would be best to ensure that the toys’ components are not toxic materials; otherwise, they will eventually get into the hamster’s system.

To solve this problem, everyone should look at toys that are made of dried-out grass. You can also look for untreated wood. This natural component will guarantee you that the pets will remain safe and toxic-free while having fun.


As mentioned above, the pets will typically chew all the toys they find. So it would help if you came up with something that prevents their sharp teeth. 

Chew-proof toys might be costly, but they come with suitable materials which will save you money in the long run.

You should always look for one high-quality toy then purchasing more low-quality ones.

Look for Attractive toys

Every pet has its preferences. Unfortunately, this means you will have no confirmation whether your hamster will be attracted to the toys or treat you give them.

But there are many ways to make the toys appealing. For example, some unique scents attract the hamster’s towards it. Taking a few steps like this will ensure that your toys will be a playful gift for your hamsters and last longer.

Stimulating your pet towards the toy

Usually, hamsters have many distinctive instincts. So the toys are precisely designed to assist these interests.

For example, hamsters are hereditary burrowers. For that reason, you should look for the toys manufactured in such a way to facilitate the sneaking or hiding experiences that rodents in the crazy thrive in.

Rodents are also known as big chewers. So it might be practical to buy something that has a variety of textures. This will help to make your pet interested for a more extended period.

Easy to clean

Hamsters run all over the place their little feet can go to. So there might be chances you will end up finding potty in their new toys. If you face this type of situation, you should see those toys that are easy to clean.

You have to make sure that the surface is easy to wipe down. Features like stain-resistant coatings will further help you in the cleaning process.


Like any other animal, your hamsters should also exercise frequently. Of course, everyone is familiar with the hamster wheel, but there are many ways for your pet to obtain cardio.

These toys help the hamsters to rejoice free rein over the house.


Finding the best toys at a reasonable price might be tricky, but the good news is the hamster’s toys are mostly not expensive.

The high-end toys will have a price of 30$ or less. It would be best to look for durable, natural, and handy toys within this price range.


Some toys with different pieces. This will make your pets happier as you will introduce new toys to them. In addition, these pieces will make them engaged for longer. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. Are toys necessary for my hamsters? 

Answer: Only if you want happy and playful hamsters, the toy is a contributing factor. Hamsters are playful animals, and they want tools for playing. 

Q2. How can I choose toys for my hamsters? 

Answer: You need to understand the nature of your hamsters. If they like to hang and run to and fro, purchase toys like hammocks, seesaw, arch bridges, etc. It is completely your decision to decorate their cage to give them the best experience. 

Q3. Why are my hamsters afraid of playing with toys? 

Answer: Such a thing may happen in case the current toys have sharp edges. These can hurt them, and it will not interest your hamsters again. Choose something that is soft and comfortable for them. 

Q4. How many toys should my hamster have? 

Answer: You need to keep a balance and give them not more than 4 toys. Also, do not give all of them together. Rotate them and let them create a set of minds to play with toys. It looks bad when you overcrowd the cage with toys. 

Q4. What are fun things to hamsters? 

Answer: Hamsters are playful animals. They like running, jumping, swinging, and moving here and there. You must provide them with tools like toys, playhouses, and swinging hammocks for fun. 

Final Thoughts 

Did our list help you out to choose toys? The secret of getting happiness by keeping hamsters as pets is to see them happy. They will be happy when they find fun things around them. Moreover, these fun things are extremely helpful for them to get entertained. 

The more your hamsters remain entertained, active, and energetic, the more happiness you will get. They do not like cages for sure. Turn the cage into their favorite place by adding toys and decorating with different hideouts. Keep them safe and sound by choosing soft and smooth-edged toys. 

You should think about hamsters and their happiness while ordering the best hamster toys. Happy toy shopping for your hamsters! 

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